• How do I become a boat official?
  • Becoming a MLF Boat Official requires much more involvement that that of an Observer or Marshal. Currently, Boat Officials must live in or a short distance from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where our organization is headquartered because they use their own vehicles to haul the competition boats to each event, and they go through regular training at our main office. If you are close to Tulsa, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch and express an interest in joining our team of Officials and someone will be in touch.

  • How can I tell MLF about something I really enjoy or think the show could improve?
  • Major League Fishing is growing every year, and with that growth comes constant room for improvement! If you have a comment or question not answered here, please contact us.

  • How can I work for Major League Fishing?
  • We’re always thrilled when people want to become a part of our organization. Major League Fishing is run by a small management staff and there are currently not any open positions available. For more information on positions as they come available with MLF and other parts of the Outdoor Sportsman Group, please visit our Employment page.

  • How can I compete in Major League Fishing?
  • Hopefully the Major League Fishing format will be expanded into many directions as we move forward as an organization. We are encouraged by the many questions, ideas and recommendations that we are receiving daily from anglers and fans as it tells us that our audience is fully engaged in the new format.

    At this time there is not a pathway for non-professional anglers to be able to compete in MLF events. With that said, such a pathway in the future is a realistic possibility. If you are a current professional angler interested in MLF, please contact us for more information.

  • What is the payout or entry fee for Major League Fishing Cup events?
  • The MLF Cup anglers do not pay any event entry fees and they do not receive any event payouts. Similar to other major sports, anglers have a revenue share arrangement with their partner, Outdoor Channel. It is extremely different than the typical "tournament" entry / payout system, which is why you do not see a televised payout.

  • Why are anglers penalized for “landing” a fish?
  • Major League Fishing takes fish care very seriously. In an effort to encourage anglers to handle fish responsibly, MLF penalizes anglers for actions that might cause unnecessary harm to the fish. Fish Landing is a 2-minute penalty. Per the MLF official rules:

    "While landing fish, the fish cannot touch the carpet or any other part of the boat inside the gunnel at any time during the process. If the fish comes unhooked from the bait and falls to the carpet or hits any other part of the inside of the boat it will be assessed as a violation. Excepted from this rule will be laying the fish on the carpet to remove a deep set hook, only after it has been properly landed without it touching the carpet. Angler should first ask the Boat Official if Angler can lay the fish on the carpet. If a fish comes off of the scale clip while weighing the fish it will not be assessed as a penalty.

    "Additionally, Angler is not allowed to cradle fish or allow fish that he is landing to touch his body. An Angler cannot allow a fish to touch any part of his body other than his hands or forearms. A short and inadvertent touch will not be penalized. If the Angler brings the fish to the body deliberately to secure control of the fish, then it will be a penalty. From a rules standpoint, the body is to be treated the same as the carpet."

    Because of this and the rest of the Major League Fishing rules, we have elevated the level at which professional angler must compete. Until Major League Fishing, no other bass fishing tournament or organization had been more strict on professional anglers regarding fish care.

  • How can I buy a boat from Major League Fishing?
  • Sale of the MLF boats is pre-arranged, and they go into the Nitro Dealership network and are sold to the public by various dealers across the country. Major League Fishing uses a variety of boats depending on the event.

  • How can I get some Major League Fishing gear?
  • We have a wide variety of items for sale in our store.

  • How can I submit a lake or location to Major League Fishing?
  • We get many suggested lakes sent to us, and we welcome all suggestions. We ask that you please contact your local community officials and Bass Club and discuss the possibility of Major League Fishing coming to your city before contacting us. If there is an interest from community officials, please have them contact us directly.

  • I won something! How do I get it?
  • Please send your name, email address, phone number and mailing address to us and note what you’ve won and we will send it your way ASAP.

  • What is the difference between a Select Event and a Cup Event?
  • The MLF Select events are qualifying events where six anglers qualify into the corresponding MLF Cup event (six from the Summit Select into the Summit Cup, and six from the Challenge Select into the Challenge Cup). Each Select event has six days of competition. The 24 Select anglers are divided into four groups of six, one group competing per day for the first four days of the competition. The top angler from each of these first four days automatically qualifies into the corresponding Cup event. The anglers who place 2nd-4th from of these preliminary days will get a second chance to qualify by competing in one of two survival rounds, while the bottom two places from each day are knocked out. The top angler from each of the two survival rounds will also qualify into the corresponding Cup event. This results in six MLF Select Anglers qualifying into the corresponding Cup event. There is no "championship" round or "champion" in the MLF Select Events. The MLF Select Anglers are fighting to qualify into an MLF Cup event, to compete against the 24 MLF Cup anglers.

    Cup events are comprised of 24 Cup anglers competing alongside the 6 Select anglers who have qualified into the event. The Cup events also last six days, but have a slightly different format. The first three days consist of 10 anglers vying for a spot in the Sudden Death Rounds. The final day is the Championship Round, which leads to one angler ultimately being named champion, is comprised of the first three anglers each day of Sudden Death to hit a designated cut weight.
    You can find more information about our Select and Cup anglers here.

  • How do you decide who is a Cup Angler and who is a Select Angler?
  • All Major League Fishing anglers are a part of an angler-managed organization known as the Pro Bass Tour (PBT). The PBT is responsible for inviting qualified professional anglers to participate in the Selects or the Cups.

  • Why does your conservation commercial seem so negative?
  • Major League Fishing is very proud that many of the state fish & wildlife departments have praised the catch and ‘instant release’ format used in all MLF events. Fish conservation has always been one of our highest priorities by improving on the original catch and release strategy that was established by Ray Scott. As MLF continuously works to grow the sport of bass fishing, we have dedicated ourselves to extending the life of the sport in every way that we can.

  • Why is there an issue with MLF listings on TV Guide?
  • We strive to have accurate listings on our programming, but are aware there are sometimes mix ups and are currently working to get this issue solved. We cannot control how things are listed by the specific cable companies. If you have a specific issue with MLF programming, please contact us.

  • Why can’t anglers do anything during their 2-minute penalty?
  • If the MLF Boat Official calls a penalty on the MLF Angler, the angler must immediately stop all activities, including fishing. The MLF Angler is not allowed to drop his shallow water anchors or operate the trolling motor unless the boat is in immediate danger of being damaged and the MLF Boat Official gives the MLF Angler permission to do so. ALL other activities of any kind are not allowed and additional penalty time will be added for a penalty compliance violation for each occurrence.

    We really want an even playing field for all of our anglers. If he wasn’t in a 2-minute penalty, the angler might not have stopped fishing and taken the time to get a drink of water, have a snack, retie, etc., so that is why during the 2-minute violation they are not allowed to do anything. After the 2-minute violation, they can get a drink of water, or do whatever they need to do since they are free to fish again and take up time they could be fishing.

  • How can I watch Major League Fishing?
  • Major League Fishing airs on a number of networks—you can see the full television schedule here. All of Major League Fishing’s televised programs are also available on the on-demand service My OutdoorTV. Check out MLFtogo.com for more information and a special promo code.

  • How can I use the Major League Fishing format for my tournament?
  • Visit the SocretrackerLive section of our website for information on using and implementing our tournament style. You can also reach out to http://www.indyleaguefishing.com

  • as they have done a great job implementing our format.

  • How can I get a Major League Fishing item donated for my charity cause or event?
  • Major League Fishing is happy to help where and when we can, but as you might suspect, we get hundreds of requests from organizations and we are not able to fulfill every request. The Major League Fishing staff only see our MLF pros at our two events in the fall each year. The other 50 weeks out of the year they spend traveling the country fishing pursuing their careers as professional anglers, or spending time at their homes.

    They are like other professional athletes and get inundated with similar fan requests. You can try to contact them directly via their websites, which are listed on their individual angler profiles. You can also submit a specific need and situation to MLF via our Contact Us page.